A Habanero and a Dream - How The Pepper Seed was born.
 As a little girl growing up in the countryside of Trinidad and Tobago, Christal was influenced by the multi-cultural flavors of her surroundings. Her love for heat was born as she grew up watching her Granny make her own homemade pepper sauce, which was not just hot but also bursting with flavor. When Christal migrated to the US she searched to find a pepper sauce that was a perfect blend of spices and heat, but none came close to reminding her of her Granny’s. After years of not finding something to satisfy her taste, she started making her own hot sauce. Once people started tasting her hot sauce and demanding more, she knew that she had to get this into the hands and mouths of people everywhere. The goal of The Pepper Seed is to allow everyone to experience the bold flavors of the Caribbean wherever they are in the world.
  Christal lives in New Jersey and has a background in Finance. When she is not busy making hot sauce, she is busy raising her two boys. Her lifelong goal has always been to be an entrepreneur to be able to help her community and to be a strong role model for young girls and women. Christal has always had a passion to mentor, especially to teens that do not have opportunities readily available to show them they can achieve their goals if they are passionate and willing to do the hard work.
 “I hope to empower as many women as possible with my story to show that if they are willing to put in the work, they can achieve your dreams”.
We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. We will continue to innovate and grow, to bring you a superior product by using the best ingredients and no preservatives. Your continued support means a lot to us!